Hospice Services

At Christian Care Hospice, we provide compassionate care. Our team of professionals is passionate about the care we provide to our families. Our team includes experienced, skilled personnel who help maintain comfort and dignity while managing the end of life needs of patients.


The patient’s own physician works with hospice physicians, who are specialists in controlling pain and other symptoms of a serious illness. They prescribe medications and other methods of pain and symptom control.


Experts in determining the patient’s individual needs and maintaining patient comfort, nurses frequently assess the patient. It is their continuing goal to help family members provide necessary support.

Certified Nurse Assistants

These essential team members provide personal care, helping the patient and family with activities of daily living as well as providing companionship and valuable emotional support.

Social Workers

With a wide variety of community resources at their fingertips, social workers can coordinate resources while helping the patient and family members ease emotional difficulties while planning for the future.

Chaplains and Spiritual Counselors

Patients and families sometimes need guidance with spiritual questions and concerns at the end of life – services that the family’s spiritual counselors can coordinate.

Bereavement Coordinators

Both patients and families experience grief, and these coordinators can help in many ways. Grief support services continue for at least one year following the death of a loved one.


Invaluable and selfless, volunteers provide companionship and emotional support, and they offer help in countless ways.
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