Bereavement Program

The Christian Care Hospice Bereavement Program is an extension of Hospice Care and offers individual and group support to those who have experienced the loss of a loved one. Monthly group meetings are held on the Christian Care Centers’ Mesquite Campus and other locations within Dallas County. The monthly grief support groups are designed to explore and express participants’ feelings and share experiences with other group members. Please feel free to call a Christian Care Hospice representative at 972-686-3753.

What Do Chaplains Do?

The role of the Hospice Chaplain is varied. Rather than trying to impose religious beliefs, Chaplains endeavor to be good listeners and help people cope with questions and other issues raised by terminal illness. They encourage people to talk about their concerns and discover their own meaningful answers.

Sometimes patients need to vent their feelings to someone with an empathic ear. Emotions of anxiety, fear, anger, frustration, and sadness are common and normal.

At times, the Chaplain’s role is to help family and other caregivers become more sensitive and responsive to the patient’s needs, enabling them to be more understanding, caring, and supportive.

If the patient is affiliated with a local religious organization, or place of worship, the Chaplain can help communicate spiritual needs to the patient’s clergy.

The Chaplain’s primary purpose is to be fully present and authentically caring, helping Hospice patients and their loved ones to maintain their dignity, their power of choice, and their peace of mind.

Common Reasons People Call Upon Chaplains

  • For emotional comfort
  • For the performance of rituals
  • For assistance with reconciliation
  • For companionship and friendship
  • For assistance with funeral / memorial services
  • When facing ethical dilemmas
  • When making important decisions
  • When feeling helpless or depressed
  • When wanting the comfort of prayer
  • When seeking solace through sacred writings
  • When struggling with life’s seeming unfairness or cruelty
  • To nurture hope
  • To receive encouragement
  • To find meaning and purpose
  • To experience you are not alone
  • To foster connection with the divine
  • To share rejoicing and thanksgiving