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The term “Wellness” is recognized as both a “state of being in good health” and “an actively sought goal.” Our mission emphasizes wellness of the whole person: a wellness of Body, Mind, and Soul.

Our philosophy is that wellness is an evolving and changing process, which includes Spiritual, Emotional, Physical, Vocational, Social, and Intellectual well-being. In an ideal sense, well-being is the condition of living consciously and fully, and begins with the decision to live each day actively and productively. We believe in aging successfully.

Wellness of the Mind and Intellect

Research shows that healthy aging includes keeping the mind active and stimulated. Christian Care Center includes the following programs for Retirement Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care Units, and Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation:

  • PositScience Brain Fitness, a nationally renowned certified computer-based brain fitness program is offered with instruction from training staff.
  • An ongoing program of musical and visual arts activities is planned for all living areas.
  • Excursions to area theaters, museums, and other cultural and entertainment centers are scheduled throughout the year.
  • Several libraries are available on campus.
  • Intergenerational programs provide interaction with the younger generations from area schools.
  • Ongoing Health Literacy program is provided monthly.
  • Life Bio Certified Community, providing residents opportunities to capture their life story in memory journals during Life Bio 101 group classes, or via the Life Bio web based online journal.
  • Spanish classes are taught in the Wellness Center.
  • “Good Vibrations” class with mindful meditation to improve the health of the whole body.

Wellness of the Soul

Many residents tell us that the Christian environment and lifestyle at Christian Care Center influenced their choice to make this their home. We want every resident to feel that “It Is Well With My Soul.”

  • Campus church services on Sunday mornings at 10:15am, as well as on Sunday and Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm. All faiths are welcome.
  • Scheduled weekly Bible study classes in all living areas
  • Enjoyment of God’s beautiful creation on our campus
  • Meditation and reflection time in our lovely park areas

Wellness of the Body

Christian Care Center offers the following opportunities designed to promote wellness of the body, with integration of the mind and spirit:

  • Beautifully designed Wellness Center for all capable residents of the campus
  • Large exercise room for Tai Chi, balance, yoga, and integrative exercise
  • Senior friendly exercise equipment, including treadmills, recumbent stepper, recumbent bicycles, Quantum fitness equipment, bicycles, weights, etc.
  • Heated pool, locker rooms, and showers
  • Massage room for private massage and relaxation
  • Full time Wellness Director, MS in Exercise Science with extensive experience with senior health and fitness

Current Wellness Programming Includes:

  • Resident assessment to determine needs for all dimensions of wellness including physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, vocational, and social
  • Fall risk assessment and baseline readiness for physical exercise
  • Individual exercise programming with periodic reassessment and tracking of outcomes
  • Health Literacy Education
  • Integration with outpatient rehabilitation
  • Outreach wellness programming to all areas of the campus. We believe in bringing the Wellness Center to every resident on our campus.

Every resident receives an orientation to the Wellness Center upon moving into the community. Following the orientation, each community resident receives our comprehensive Wellness Assessment, which is unique to Christian Care Centers. The Wellness Assessment includes:

  • Exercise readiness assessment (EASY4U test)
  • Assessment of the 6 dimensions of wellness
  • Fall Risk analysis using the BERG balance measure
  • Christian Care Baseline assessment

Following the baseline assessment, each resident is given a program with recommendations specific to their needs. The Wellness Assessment is completed annually to help keep track of progress toward goals.


  • Member of International Council on Active Aging (ICAA)

What do our residents have to say about the Wellness Center?

“The balance class has helped a lot! My doctor insisted that I went, while I was in Physical Therapy.”
Liz Schoonover

“Since I have a balance problem, these classes are perfect for me. I have not had a ‘near fall’ in some time. My doctor and family are encouraging me to continue.”
Mary Helen, Resident

“I find I sleep much better when I exercise. I also have more strength in my arms and legs.”
Allie, Resident

“The classes I attend have helped me with a chronic shoulder pain I have. The exercises we do in class are helpful. The wellness program is a welcome addition, and I enjoy being with other residents.”
Mary, Resident

“All of my physicians say, ‘Whatever you are doing, keep it up!’. One of them even uses the Wellness Center’s brochure to tell his other patients about our facility when asked about area retirement.”
Jodie, Resident

“All in all, the Wellness is, to use an all too common, yet appropriate, term, AWESOME!”
Jim, Resident

“I feel that I have benefited, and my doctors are very pleased to know I am participating in our Wellness Center programming. I recently attended a party and saw friends that I had not seen in 20 years. They were surprise at how well I looked and strong I am. I feel I would have fallen many times had I not used the things I have learned in Wellness Center Classes.”
Cecil, Resident


  1. How much does Wellness Center membership cost?
    All Wellness Center equipment and classes are available for use by residents at no cost as part of your accommodations at Christian Care Center.
  2. What classes do you offer?
    The type of exercise is important for ensuring a successful program. The Wellness Center offers various activities and classes to meet the needs of the Christian Care Center. Contact your wellness department for more information.
  3. Can my friends, family or guests use the Wellness Center?
    Wellness Center equipment can only be used by facility residents. This policy serves as a safety measure and results in greater equipment availability as well. Friends, family, and guests may attend activity classes only with both Director and instructor consent. Please allow enough time for physical activity readiness review prior to participation in an effort to make recommendations and reduce risk.
  4. What should I wear? 
    We suggest loose fitting clothing that you would feel comfortable moving and being active in. The majority of our participants chose to wear their regular daily attire. Appropriate shoes for walking are required. No sandals, dress shoes, high heels, flip-flops, socks, or bare feet are allowed on the treadmills.
  5. Is there someone to help me start a program?
    Yes – in fact, review of equipment with the Wellness Director before independent use is required. The Wellness Director would also be happy to help you design and begin a program of regular physical activity. A brief evaluation is offered to help you establish individual goals that suit your personal preferences and needs in equipment and class participation. There is no fee for evaluation or programming.
  6. Do I need an appointment?
    We know that your time is important, so we ask that you contact us before Wellness Center use. Evaluations and programming are done by appointment so that you have our undivided attention.
  1. Do I have to have a release from my physician before I use the Wellness Center?
    The Wellness Director’s primary responsibility is to ensure each participant uses the facility safely and with minimal risk to health. Before using the equipment, you will be asked to complete a brief health history. One may participate in most classes without a physican release, unless there is a current illness or injury present. Most classes can be participated in, if recent or currant illness or injury is not present, without a physician’s release. Before anything in the facility can be used or performed, an Informed Consent must be reviewed, dated, and signed by each participant and on file with the Wellness Director.

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5100 Randol Mill Road
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